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Six months ago you marched in New York for the People’s Climate March—in person or in spirit—and proclaimed that it is our moral charge to respond to climate justice. That it will take everyone to change everything. That now is the time for unprecedented collaboration across all of our differences, to save the world and ourselves. 

Commit2Respond is an answer to that charge. It’s time for collaboration and collective action. Since September we’ve been growing, building connections, and sharing our ideas and wisdom.

Now we are ready to grow. 

Climate Justice Month, starting in just three days, will create the potential for us to become a real movement of people of faith and conscience connected in our commitment, but it will take all of us.

Your first chance is tomorrow. March 20 is the vernal equinox, a day that epitomizes growth. Commit2Respond is celebrating the hope and promise of spring by taking to social media, telling the world that we commit to respond to climate change, and inviting everyone we know to join us in Climate Justice Month.

Will you show and share your commitment? Please change your profile picture on social media tomorrow and keep it changed for the duration of Climate Justice Month. Please invite your loved ones to join you.

Check out our Facebook album of graphics and profile pictures, or visit our media page for sample posts, blurbs, graphics, and more.


Also: Commit2Respond is growing in another way as well: our brand new redesigned website just launched! Be sure to explore your new and improved user profile (you can access it in the sidebar of pages like this one) and stay tuned for more exciting new features.

Thank you for your commitment, and see you on social media!

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