Thousands Strong, We Will Witness

On Saturday June 27 at 4:45pm Pacific, across North America and beyond, we will bear witness.

During the first-ever Climate Justice Month we were spiritually renewed and grounded and we committed ourselves to new action. Now we have a chance to witness on the side of love with front-lines First Nations and American Indian partners.

At the end of June we will join together across geography, across faith and belief, across ancestry and ethnicity, to proclaim that we will not allow the fossil fuels industry to destroy the sacred lands and ways of life of our Native and Indigenous siblings.

We will proclaim that we won’t stand by as the Pacific Northwest is turned into a toxic corridor for coal, oil, and other dirty fuels. We will proclaim that climate change is here and we are committed to defending our home and building a new way.

Get all the details and join the Facebook event for up-to-the-minute updates and to invite fellow people of faith and conscience to join you. Everyone can attend, in person or virtually. 

Low-income communities, people of color, and Indigenous peoples like the Lummi are at the front lines of climate change and environmental degradation. Those who bear the biggest burdens are so often those who are the most oppressed or have the least power and voice.

As people of faith and conscience, we are called to dismantle the paradigm that treats marginalized people as expendable, non-human species as irrelevant, and our Earth as supply source and sewer rather than a single, beloved community of interdependent life.

Will you bear witness? This sacred public witness event will take place in person in Portland, Oregon, and it will also take place online via live stream so that anyone with an Internet connection can attend.

Be there. Let’s connect across lines of difference and show the world that we can build a new way.

In faith,
Your fellow Commit2Respond leaders

p.s. Are you a Unitarian Universalist attending General Assembly? If so, don’t miss all of the other climate justice programming happening in Portland! You can also download the GA app and use the hashtag #commit2respond for live updates and to connect with others.

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