Thank You for Signing on to Commit2Respond

Take the next step: Tell your members that your group, organization, or congregation has endorsed Commit2Respond! 

Sample tweet:

We just joined #Commit2Respond, a #UU-led coalition for climate justice! Get involved:  

Sample Facebook post:

We just joined Commit2Respond, a coalition of people faith and conscience for climate justice! This initiative addresses climate change as a moral issue and unites communities through collective action and just partnership. Will you add your voice? 

Sample UU blurb for emails, bulletins, orders of service, etc.:

We Commit2Respond to climate change! As Unitarian Universalists we see ourselves as one thread in a single fabric of all existence. We know that our survival is bound up with every other thread of the interdependent web of life. And we know that it will take all of us to stem the tide of climate change and the crisis we are already facing. 

That’s why [group name] has signed up to endorse a new UU initiative for climate justice. Commit2Respond is about joining forces and amplifying our impact, united across Unitarian Universalism and beyond. Our entire faith movement is mobilizing and we are a key part of it! Joined together in collective action, connected through partnership, we will change the world. Find out more and join at

Plus: Check out our News section to read testimonies and messages to supporters from other sponsoring and endorsing groups!

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