Six Ways to Take Action

Thank you for your witness!

2,500 people showed up for climate justice and Indigenous rights on June 27 in Portland, Oregon, in person or via live stream.

Together we listened to the story, struggle, and wisdom of leaders from Lummi Nation at the front lines of the environmental crisis, then we co-created a powerful ritual of sending blessings to the four directions and making spiritual commitments to climate justice. 

Don’t miss the coverage of “A Sacred Public Witness,” including a full recording of the live stream and more music from the amazing artists who were a part of the event.

Now that we have witnessed, will you take action?

Three easy steps:

  1. Sign the letter to President Obama urging him to stop the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal at Cherry Point. 

  2. Donate to support the third Totem Pole Journey, Lummi Nation's powerful campaign to take to the road with a massive totem pole carved by Elder Jewell Praying Wolf James to raise awareness, bring together Indigenous nations, and spark more action. 

  3. Join Commit2Respond as an individual, become a leader, or sign on your congregation or organization if you are part of one. Invite friends and fellow people of faith and conscience to join you.

Three deeper steps:

  1. SHIFT: Join the Climate Mobilization and get involved in actions to help humanity shift to a low-carbon future.

  2. ADVANCE: Form a partnership or get into relationship with an organization led by a front-lines community in your area. Register your commitment and check out suggested partner organizations led by communities at the front lines of climate change and environmental destruction.

  3. GROW: Bring it home to your congregation, family, or other groups you are a part of, and help grow the movement: Utilize the UU College of Social Justice toolkit and the Unitarian Universalist Association's Doctrine of Discovery and Indigenous Peoples Day resources, as well as this handout prepared by Beth Brownfield of the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship.

Finally, stay tuned for what’s next for our movement, as eyes turn toward the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris. How do you think we should take action to hold our world’s leaders accountable? Share your ideas.

In faith,
Your fellow Commit2Respond leaders

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