Reclaim our Democracy from Big Oil (Climate Justice Month, Week 2)

By Irene Keim, Commit2Respond & Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth 

Welcome to the second week of Climate Justice Month 2016!

“This is the first time in the history of the Earth that a generation of people has held the fate of the earth in our hands.” —Rev. Dr. Marilyn Sewell, 2016 UUMFE Earth Day Sermon

What a powerful statement of our tasks at hand. Rev. Sewell’s words are deeply personal to me, because my home state Florida is already grappling with the impacts of sea level rise and extreme weather events. We know that parts of the state will be under water in the coming decades, and still our policymakers refuse to listen to the voters and act. Our democracy is broken.

Rev. Sewell proclaims, “Every citizen has the obligation to be part of the solution to global warming.” 

Getting money out of politics could not be more urgent for me—the future of my home depends on it. It is no joke when we talk about seeing part of the state through glass bottom boats in the future. That is why I am asking you to join me in public witness to the problems of money in our elections and the weakening of our voting rights. Take action: Join me and thousands of others for Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening.

From April 2 through April 19, these two broad coalitions have joined together to empower action for voting rights and reclaim our democracy from the likes of Big Oil and the Koch brothers. Together we will march, sit-in, teach-in, rally, lobby, and grow the movement for change.

Rev. Sewell encourages, “Our strength and courage shine through when we join with a group of others, all with the same values, working for the same cause.”

Sign up to be a part of Democracy Spring and/or Democracy Awakening now, and/or find an organizing hub near you.

Climate justice activists at the First Unitarian Church of Portland, OR, proclaim to all that they Commit2Respond to global warming

You can also organize an event in your area and get educated using the films Pay 2 Play: Democracy’s High Stakes and Free For All: One Dude’s Quest to Save our ElectionsBoth are highly acclaimed, fun films that are on point about the problems we are facing with our money overpowering our democracy and electoral system. Both offer viable solutions to prepare us for action with our policymakers.

Finally, get inspired: A special sermon by Rev. Sewell, written specifically for this year’s Climate Justice Month and Earth Day, is available on the Earth Day pages from UU Ministry for Earth. 

As a member of the new Commit2Respond Communications & Resources team, I give you my heartfelt thanks for participating in Climate Justice Month and the work of climate justice all year.  If you haven't already RSVP'd, sign up for additional resources and sources of inspiration throughout the month.

In gratitude,

Irene Keim
Chair, UU Ministry for Earth
Member, Commit2Respond Executive Team
Member, Commit2Respond Communications & Resources Team

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