Here We Go Marching

GO FORTH to March and Witness and Connect



The UU Sponsors and Volunteers, especially the folks at All Souls Unitarian, have planned exciting events to amplify your experience in Washington, D.C. Check out the Schedule of Events and plan to join in with creativity and energy to connect and plan for our future engagements.

The Commit2Respond initiative began with the People’s Climate March in New York City, in September of 2014. On April 29th, we will march again with the People's Climate Movement to show the world that we recommit to respond to the urgency of averting climate chaos. The Unitarian Universalist Association, UU Service Committee, and UU Ministry for Earth have all signed on to be partner organizations for the People’s Climate Movement. We encourage UUs to participate in the mobilization to Washington, D.C. or in a sister march in your own corner of the world.

Events for UUs in Washington, D.C. are planned all day Saturday and Sunday, April 29-30.  Check out the Art Builds that are happening April 22-23 and April 26-27 and the events at All Souls' Unitarian.  RSVP at the button below.  If you are in the area, volunteer opportunities are available. 


     “I hope, with all my heart that on April 29 thousands of UUs come to Washington D.C.  I yearn for a coherent UU response to climate injustice, and right after the PCM in Washington, DC there will be opportunities to build this united campaign. I believe it matters that we march; to impact government, and as faith community, to hone ourselves, and our Big Love for the world. It will be good to be together.” 
     Karen Brammer, Manager for the UUA Green Sanctuary Program


Help Make Art Happen!

DONATE to help offset the costs of arts materials and staffing for the events surrounding the People's Climate March  in Washington, D.C.

Join UUMFE in supporting  our UU Young Adults for Climate Justice as they create unique and clear UU- based messages through posters and banners.  We hear there will also be a very clever 'photo booth.'  The artwork will then travel to New Orleans and be incorporated in worship and events at the 2017 UUA General Assembly.





Connect Your Community

Text   C2R to 444999   

Tell your friends at the marches to sign up for future events from Commit2Respond (C2R).  Their emails will be added to the mailing list as we continue to build our movement for climate justice.


Register Your EventsInspire with your Event Photos 
REGISTER YOUR EVENTS for Earth Day and Climate Justice Month to invite your friends and neighbors.

SHARE YOUR PHOTOS OF your community events to inspire us all. 

The special CLIMATE JUSTICE MONTH album on Google Photos will connect your local events to our Commit2Respond campaign for climate justice.



Change your profile picture or cover photo to one from your events. 

Post on Facebook or Twitter  using #Commit2Respond or tag Commit2Respond .  

NOTE:  When sharing images from your local congregation or community, make sure that you get permission from people in your pictures before sharing them to the Google Photo Folder. These photos may be re-posted by the UUA, UU Ministry for Earth, etc. onto websites and social media.

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