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Climate Change vs Climate Justice to Planetary Justice

I am far more interested Climate Change(CC) action than Climate Justice(CJ) action. Yes, CJ is good, but CC action can greatly lessen the cause and scope for CJ. We have failed to take urgent CC action now for several decades which makes CJ useful, but again it is CC that must be addressed and controlled now or CJ action will be less than effective. If humanity wishes to survive as a species, we must take a serious view for united action against those forces of government, corporations, capitalism, denialists, etc. The greatest injustice is that our planet is being self-destroyed by our insular lives of extreme separation beliefs and behaviors. All of humanity is in need of CJ, and the solution to that is to get moving on CC action. We have received nature's Gift of Life and Earth's stewardship of vast life-forms and material endowments for which we have grand moral responsibilities to protect and preserve for present and future generations. We need a new perspective such as developing a form of Planetary Patriotism vs national patriotism at this time. We are one with nature and not separate from nature which latter view has forced cultures and nations into unsustainable hate and waring factions. We need Planetary Justice(PJ) wherein rests all our unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We need to get support for a strong measure of allegiance for the collective power of being conscious of the oneness of a Planetary mind. Our greatest injustice is to our collective selves in failing to, in gratitude, addressing our moral responsibilities for the protection and preservation of Nature's Gifts and resource endowments. My suggestion is for Planetary Justice to lead the way for Justice to reign supreme in all areas of concern. If we can save the planet, much of climate justice will disappear. Paul Taylor

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