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The Climate Mobilization approach (endorsed in your email today) may energize America when the US is hit by a climate event that shakes the country as much as Pearl Harbor did. Unfortunately, such an event would need to be even more devastating than Hurricane Katrina or Super Storm Sandy...and it might not come for another decade. There are many other valid alternative secular groups for UUs in the battle against climate change. For example, following in the footsteps of a number of UU congregations around the country, here in Seacoast New Hampshire we are in the process of forming a chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL). The CCL advocates carbon pricing (not cap and trade), a strategy that both liberal and conservative economists think is the best way to control carbon emissions. Beyond Democrats and environmentalists, the CCL is gaining traction with some Republicans--who we are going to need to convince if the entire country is going to get behind a solution. But the CCL is only one example of many organizations who are doing their best in their own ways... it would be wise for Commit2Respond not to encourage just one strategy such as Climate Mobilization.

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