Reflections at the end of week one at COP21

Unitarian Universalists have been established at COP21 as responsible, caring, serious climate activists. Rev. Peggy Clarke and Jan Dash participated in a side event panel today (ethical aspects of INDC commitments). UUs attended two State Department hearings. UUs discussed climate change with leaders of other faiths. UUs attended many side events and identified ourselves as UUs. We also networked with many people. At COP21, there were many events by the world poor on the dangers of climate change and their special vulnerability. This is the connection of climate justice with the most vulnerable to climate change. Climate change cuts across all issues of social justice with which UUs are generally concerned. It was good that UU observers were able to attend COP21 under the aegis of the UUA, thanks to the active participation of UU-UNO climate interns under Director Bruce Knotts, to whom we offer thanks. In 2009 at Copenhagen, we attended without official designation as UUs. We wish the UUs coming in the second week an enlightening and inspiring experience. We thank the UU climate activists back home. What we need to do is to replace the "road to Paris" with the "superhighway from Paris" to implement the Paris agreement on climate that will be established at the end of next week. Our work is has only begun. Lynn and Jan Dash

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