WE have to attach a rising price on carbon or the world is cooked.

We need to move faster and stronger on climate change, with policies that actually make a difference. Here’s a suggestion: Citizens’ Climate Lobby supports a carbon pricing plan in which all funds are returned to citizens. It’s based on the successful policy implemented in 2008 in British Columbia. Analysis shows that by 2025, carbon fee and dividend in the U. S. will raise employment by 2.1 million, reduce carbon dioxide pollution by 33 per cent, and increase gross domestic product by $84 billion.

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    We have to stop raising animals for slaughter or the world is cooked:
    Please inform yourselves, consider the facts, and make the connection — for the sake of our children, the environment, the animals, and ourselves.
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    Citizens’ Climate Lobby is an amazing group working to build relationships with our Representatives and pass a carbon fee that ensures a just transition to a low-carbon economy. I cannot recommend this group highly enough. They host weekly calls to be introduced to the group and its community (you just call-in once – you don’t do it every week). They are super well-organized and involved with volunteers. They help coordinate actions and are highly effective. Please do get involved!

    Weekly calls: https://citizensclimatelobby.org/join-weekly-intro-call/

    The carbon fee and rebate tackles the issue of climate change from the core of the economy, which I know people otherwise feel powerless to affect!
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