Have you taken the Climate Justice Month survey?

Thank you to everyone who signed up and was a part of the first-ever Climate Justice Month!

I was amazed to see the eight organizations leading Commit2Respond all participating in their own ways, from providing Earth Day resources to raising money for a brand new young adult climate justice training to offering opportunities for protecting water rights. Climate Justice Month brought us together in new ways, and it's just the beginning.

My colleague Laura Randall and I were inspired to hold an Earth Day chapel service for Unitarian Universalist Association staff in which we shared a reflection from each of the four weeks of Climate Justice Month; collectively engaged together in four practices, one for each week; and made new commitments to action.

What did Climate Justice Month mean to you? How did you and your faith group or congregation, if any, celebrate Climate Justice Month, Earth Day, or World Water Day? If you haven't already taken the survey, join me in doing so now!

I think my favorite messages were Rev. Sofia Betancourt's words on "Transforming Seeds" and the accompanying video clip of one such seed of transformation, as well as Kenny Wiley's reflection on "Fighting For Air" and the invitation to engage with the racial and economic impacts of our environmental crisis. And I loved sharing pictures and reflections on Facebook throughout the month, like these below, and feeling supported in making new commitments to climate justice at the end of the month. 


How about you? What was most inspiring for you? And most importantly, what should Commit2Respond focus on next? Please take the short survey to add your voice.

p.s. Don't forget you can share stories and photos via Commit2Respond’s share forum, or on social media using the hashtag #commit2respond!

In faith,
Alex Kapitan

Alex Kapitan is Congregational Advocacy & Witness Program Coordinator for the Unitarian Universalist Association and serves on the Commit2Respond Steering Committee.

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