Grow the Movement

Growing the climate justice movement is a moral imperative.

As people of faith and conscience, we rely on the knowledge that a world community governed by peace, equity, and compassion is possible. To get there we must build relationships, bridge differences, and inspire hope in each other. Separate, we will perish; only together will we survive. We must take action to shift, advance, and grow.

We envision a movement fed by hope, love and nonviolence that amplifies the voices of affected communities, counters oppressions, and inspires people everywhere to join the urgent creative struggle to bring about climate justice.

We commit to 5,000 people joining a new Commit2Respond Climate Activist Network to collaborate on climate justice organizing efforts, policy advocacy, and corporate responsibility campaigns.

We can prepare by learning more and educating others about the goals and framework of climate justice, as well as the intersections and shared ground between different struggles for justice.

We will act by committing to one or more of the actions below.



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