Support, Invest in, Advocate Policy Reforms to optimize cooperative economics

Relationships are like farming, if you don't plant the seed, you'll have no crop to harvest. Rumi (M. Mafi, trans.) Gambling is like farming, if you don't play the game, you'll have no winnings. Economics is like farming, if you don't play the mutual cooperative game, you'll have no competitive winnings. Ecologic is like farming, if we don't play the mutual mentoring Climax Community game, we'll have no long-term sustainable, much less optimized systemic, winnings. Stay aware and purposeful in your search, for happiness is truly in the searching. Rumi Stay awake and purposeful in our research, for peacefulness, contentment, confluence, justice, ecological economies are true within this polycultural searching. Stay awake and mindful of polypathic meaning in your Regenerative Permaculture Designed Research, for happiness, confluence, equity, truth, Prime Relationship Balanced Teleology are truly within this self-optimizing SuperEco searching. How do we sleep while part of us is gone? Frogs and night birds, bats and insects cry out for company filling raucous warm luscious breeze gentle, caressing, carrying chicken soup songs of love not yet won, love wanted and needed with primal longing to belong back together for our first really great time. How do we sleep while part of us is gone? Night flight resolves revolving chatter, fractal spinning spiral-echoes haunting iconic timeless teachings from potential future Right-brain memory predicative facts, intuiting predictors, confluent, confident islands of prophetic sanity boundary inspiring polycultures, multi-open systems of optimal communication. How do we sleep in this racket of absent SuperEgo missing evil hope of flight tonight? God as the Doomed and Dooming Ground of All Being, under Whom we hide from shamed non-redeeming character, id-entity. We thought we were economically neutral on Goddess Moving Train of Earth, oblivious to Her climatic millennial warnings to ease up on the fire power, take a break, let's cool down, enjoy some slower peace and more mindfully inclusive justice. Remaining neutral in our farming cooperative relationships, admittedly a slower moving train, and yet it helps to confluently comprehend we are spinning with Common balancing thermodynamic balance, and how fast is too fast, too Yangish, and how slow is too slow, too Yinnish, and when we might slow down to rebalance Yang with Yin, and how much we might slow down emerges permaculturally predicated as [+Yang = (-)(-)Yin] = [+PolyNomial 0-sum equivalent to (-)Not-PolyBiNomial-4-Prime Spacetime Dimensionally Balancing Vortex] Open Natural Systemic or +1/(-)0 = space/time binary Closed MetaSystem fractal-holonic-octaved reverse-hierarchical balance, to sustain our permacultured rich teleological neutrality on Gaia's regenerative train. How do we wake when part of Us is gone? How do we awaken our search for polycultural economic justice standards for researching well-being sustenance, self-optimizing regeneration with SuperEco Mindfulness Intent? Planting regenerative seeds, to grow redemptive pay-it-forward gift economies, winnowing metasystemic research to optimize repurposing meaningful purpose, EarthTribe's ecological self-redemption future day covering love, peace, happiness, contentment, justice, information, confluence roots with threats, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses systemically balanced compost, learning faith and hope in suffering dissonance as cooperative redemption, evolutionary research, incarnation, karma, ecology, the Permaculturalist Economic Tao: sleep and wake and absorb others, as you would have them be you NOW we re-emerge our SuperEcoTribe's cultural therapeutic, polypathic scientific natural-spirituality. Natural systems are to spiritual systemic comprehension, as Physics is to Metaphysical Universe (B. Fuller's definition), as Yang is to Yin, as Polynomial Information is to Double-Bound Negative Polynomial Information Balancing Trends. Polypathic and multisystemic relationships are like therapeutic organic farming, if you don't plant fractal-holonic DNA/RNA-encrypted seeds, you'll not have an Optimized PermaCultural crop to harvest. Ain't nobody here ceptin us Chickens and somehow we all landed in this soupy mess together. Let's start lickin each other's wounds.

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