Earth Day Co-Redeemers

The difference between mechanical systems and living systems is that all systems have both consumption and production functions, but living systems sustain their identity as more-than-mechanical systems as long as their decomposition functions continue to positively self-regenerate. Sustaining life requires positive Prime Relationship balance between decompositional and regenerative multisystemic trends within a polycultural environment of synergetic cooperation. The moment further integrative potential is lost to view, to hope, lost to faith, to consumptive and productive functions, synergy decadently tips toward entropic trends, resulting in decreasing polycultural function and form and increasing side-by-side monocultural decay. The Prime Relationship Principle of Taoist Permacultural Teleology transliterates and systemically universalizes various cultural expressions of the Golden Rule as: To optimize systemic confluence, minimize both consumption and production of dissonance, dismay, disease, decay, loss. Loss, waste, is decomposition that does not return at least equivalent regenerative value. The difference between equivalent return and slow-growth positive, emergent, integrative redemption of decomposed investment is the difference between non-violent justice, or fairness, or equipoised transactional balance, equivalence, and the active peaceful Climax Community regenerative trends of mutually subsidiary redemption. The Prime Relationship in a positive redemptive economic trend is between decomposition of past value (yin function) transliterating, repurposing, rehabilitating, redeeming, morphing (yang function) into a mutually regenerative, integrative, synergetic future. Regenerative permacultural economics transcends fair and justly non-violent transactions with cooperative intent. Equivalent 0-summed individual transactions might be captured in Game Theory as Not Lose-Not Lose logistics and strategy. But, mutually regenerative Win-Win economies, with trajectories toward Beloved Climax Communities, anticipate more than least-common-denominator nonviolence, aspiring to mutually-sustaining active peace. Redemptive economics and systemic ecology might define active peace as love; could define love as compassionate mindfulness; could define co-passionate, co-prehensile, co-intelligent mindfulness as inclusively synergetic, trending away from mutual monocultural tolerance in active pursuit of universally inclusive, mutually-optimizing, polycultural economic ecological ecotherapy. Multisystemic ecotherapy regenerates the sustained life optimization of mutually subsidiary Beloved Climax Communities, balancing our Interior SuperEco Landscape by learning active peaceful harmonic orthopraxis with our universal Exterior SuperEco Landscape. Earth's natural systemic Elders, Mentors, Co-Creators, Mutual Messiahs cooperatively redeem our integrative ecological and economic potential. The opposite of cognitive dissonance theory is permacultural regenerative redemption theory. To redeem is an active economic process following natural ecological principles of order and equity. For a Taoist, redemptive optimization of natural and spiritual systems requires balancing our internal-yin-concave-implicate-ordered functions with universally exegetical external-yang-convex-explicate-ordered information systems. What flowers within, blooms without, regenerates within and without boundaries of co-redemptive EarthDay light.

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