UU Fellowship of Corvallis Approves Policies that Facilitate Solar Power in the Community

At its April meeting, the Board of Trustees of the UU Fellowship of Corvallis, Oregon, made two important decisions that please me very much as chair of our Climate Justice Committee. First, the Board approved a revolving loan fund policy that will allow members to give money to the Fellowship to be loaned to local nonprofits doing work that conforms to our UU values, in this immediate case, Seeds for the Sol, a local nonprofit that helps homeowners install solar power at their residences. Loans will be repaid through the homeowners' tax credits for solar installation and loaned out again and again. I'll add the draft policy to "Files." Second, the Board approved an amendment to our investment policy that will allow our investment committee to invest a portion of our endowment locally, in Seeds for the Sol, for example, or other local businesses or nonprofits, with conformance to our UU values a slightly higher priority than financial gain. We've worked on these two items for months, and I am very pleased with our success! Susan Christie Chair, Climate Justice Committee UU Fellowship of Corvallis, Oregon

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