Action Through Poetry (Climate Justice Month, Week 5)

Post your own poetry or poetic inspirations in the comment section below!


As we recognize Climate Justice Month,

we must also realize, in no small size,

that April is also National Poetry Month.


This is a time for justice seeking, deep thinking,

calls to action, and interfaith collaborations reaching

across the UU sphere, and our nation.


We must continue to come together to march,

to fight, to protest, showing our collective might

for the sake of the planet and not take it for granted.

The Paris Agreement is just the beginning! Pretending

as if we are not in a state of emergency is condescending

to those of us who know the truth.


We must leave this planet in good shape for the youth!


I write these words for activists and organizers;

for policymakers and politicians; for a cleaner

earth with a unified vision and a shared system

of responsibility.


This is spoken word for cleaner air, word warrior

poetry for cleaner forms of energy; poetry that

gives birth to revolution because the people need

hope and better solutions.


Where are you marching?

Where are you protesting?

Where is your passion?


I invite you to write a Climate Justice poem or a rhyme

then share it at the Commit2Respond website using it as poetic

form of direct action.


Let us pen poetry that packs a punch and celebrate

National Poetry Month!


An Image of Christopher D. Sims reading poetry















 --- by Christopher D. Sims, Commit2Respond Communications & Resources Team

Get Inspired: Read, listen to, or write poetry this week. Find words that speak to your soul,
Make you feel whole,

Get Educated: In your poetic exploration and deepening practice, we recommend that you dig into reflection on
Generational Justice
Systemic Environmental Racism
Water & Society
Being the Change / Your Personal Journey

Take Action: Let’s covenant together. Share your words and/or your favorite poems here below. You can also RSVP to join the UU Young Adults for Climate Justice for an online poetry reading and discussion on Monday, April 25th, 5:00-7:00 PM Pacific / 8:00-10:00 PM Eastern (all are welcome).

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  • commented 2016-04-22 17:37:24 -0400
    No Tree Hugger

    I have no use for trees

    The maple drinks the water
    Houses the squirrels
    It Hogs the sun
    So the maple must go.

    The pine makes acid and needles my garden
    My compost won’t rot
    Drops its branches most inconveniently it’s true
    The pine Soils my porch with
    So the pine goes too

    The oak, so burn the oak
    Cut it up and split it
    Then burn the oak
    That is what I’ll do

    The rest of them,
    Cut them and clear them
    And use them up right away
    I have no need to know about it
    Just do away with them too

    What do you have to say about that! Tree hugger!

    If i must admit any weakness at all,
    I will say, I enjoy a perfect peach, plum, pear, or Apple, but only when I can get organic, locally grown at the farmers market that I can drive to in my automobile. Exactly Like any red blooded American. What the heck.
  • commented 2016-04-22 10:05:21 -0400
    Earth Day Tics

    I wonder what makes you tick.

    That quick shadow of a lopsided smile.
    When you slap the wall as you step by.
    Are these tics
    that make you tick somehow?

    I know what ticks you off.
    Disrespecting your sacred right to become you.
    Yet I doubt a Mercedes convertible
    would actually respect your healthiest you.

    I know what ticks me off about you.
    Your relentless denial of anger
    and fear
    and sadness.
    Your unwillingness to forgive yourself
    for incarnating merely mortal human nature.

    But, what about your unwillingness to forgive our human race
    for racism?
    With you born into enslaved heritage,
    a short supply of victim roles,
    every time anyone sees you,
    frames you,
    labels you,
    historical entrapment of bodies,
    by other human bodies
    syntaxing cultural enslavement of victimized minds,
    tics of anger and fear
    deep politicized and economized
    into creases of dark v. light exterior display.

    Does this also tick me off about you?
    Do I reasonably expect you,
    or anyone,
    to forgive an entire species of life
    for an oppressive monoculturally supremacist history
    of human racial enculturation?

    I know what ticks you off about me,
    My willingness to forgive myself
    for my anthro-dominant tics,
    habits of language and culture,
    disformation of EarthTribal love
    and healthy multicultural commitment,
    economic solidarity of politically cooperative mutuality.

    to forgive myself of anthro-dominant blindness
    seems nondually inseparable
    from forgiving us for the absurdity and hypocrisy of racism
    and its anti-ecological conclusion of enslaving political life
    by claiming economic ownership of Earth’s Natural/Spiritual Commons.

    Ticking on,
    rather than ticking off,
    reconnects human nature within all EarthTribe RNA/DNA nature.
    Distinctions of exterior mindbody landscapes
    retain polycultural healthfulness,
    while our more universally monocultural interior DNA landscapes
    of interdependent WinWin ReGeneration Stories
    seem to unfold more importantly
    more sanely
    more rationally
    more beautifully and truthfully,
    about Golden Rule Solidarity
    with political and economic power
    to regenerate climatic racing health
    with all EarthTribe’s uniting revolution.

    What tics me off about me
    is failure of polycultural curiosity,
    absence of sufficient love
    to optimize each relationship and each transaction’s cooperative opportunity
    to resonate more deeply,
    more ecologically,
    more co-arising tribally,
    co-habitors of Sun-fueled Earth’s richly diverse,
    and much-beloved, community of health,
    profoundly mutual regenerative enculturation,
    Earth-functional formation,
    like evolution of heat into organic interdependent composting networks
    feeding time’s further revolution.

    All that said,
    what I know too less about
    is what ticks you on.
    Probably the about face
    of hypocrisy
    and ignorance
    and greed
    and anthro-centrist racism
    that tick you off.

    Shadows of lopsided sad smiles.
    Slapping walls as we push through.

    Gerald Dillenbeck, Norwich, CT
  • commented 2016-04-21 20:45:04 -0400
    Bicycle Commuter

    The bike is small
    The bus roars
    Must ride

    Two wheels are light
    The energy is modest
    Many horsepower passes me
    Very swiftly

    The smoke and noise
    On the bicycle road
    Is intense some days
    Like oilfield drilling

    And I am alone on
    The morning commute
    In United States of the auto

    Bill Simmons, Windsor CT
  • commented 2016-04-21 10:07:09 -0400
    Earth’s Final Answer

    A society
    humane species
    or more likely under-valuing,
    how to regeneratively suffer loss
    may never have learned to face our universal fear of death
    as a badge of permaculturing respect,
    dignity through suffering sacred absence
    where once we knew nondual co-arising relational life
    together incarnate.

    In response to loss of love’s opportunity for further cultivation,
    incarnation of life’s positives and double-negative equivalencies
    of loss to lose ego death’s ubiquitous omnipotence,
    we could reverse our Interior and Exterior Climate feedback loops,
    turn down our YangLeft competition
    another half a notnot notch,
    where loss to EgoDeath equals WinWin
    for society
    for internal and external cultural climates
    for reconnecting timeless Earth’s revolving tribal love
    to death’s dualdark TransParent BiLateral CoGravitational Primal Time
    of EcoConsciousness
    as SelfAwareness of Light’s CoArising NonDual ReVolution.

    An absence of integrative dignified death culture,
    mourning process for love’s loss,
    reflects a lack of humor
    for Earth’s lively lovely enculturation
    of regenerative health and beauty,
    Tao (0)-Balanced Left/Rightness,
    where Tao begets co-gravitating dualdark exformation,
    dipolar light = CommonsSquared = PrimeEulerianUnitarian-Integral Function.

    Failure to celebrate life
    emerging as light’s co-investment in love,
    merging normatively equivalent to denying death’s dark ultimatum,
    represses light’s co-arising dualdark CoPresence.

    each AnthroNature,
    emerges bicamerally embryonic from warm-heated light,
    as each SuperEco/Ego
    each Earth(0)-Balanced DNA/RNA fueled cell
    speaking intergenerational fertility,
    memories of eternally timeless love unfolding,
    refolding climates
    toward prefolding Post-BiCameral Earth (0)-centric DiPolar

    Each Ego loss
    a sacred loss from Earth’s pay-it-forward evolutionary economy;
    each Earth gain
    a natural win for cooperative EarthTribe future love,
    healthier global culture
    sharing a natural-religious sensory awareness
    of ironic double-negative nondual WinWin humor,
    ProGenitors joining our DNA-designed celebration of life
    as notnot death’s grand eulogy
    for Internal/External Climate TaoBalance.

    We each live on in loving light
    or not so much,
    depending somewhat on the dignity we hold
    for each other’s natural right to live and die gracefully,
    with freedom
    with gratitude for this climatic great transition,
    toward our cooperative beloved climaxing
    (0)Mega Point.

    Cultural wounds of enslaving others
    stretch a profound investment in basic integrity
    of nature’s evolutionary intent,
    feeds on evolution as competitive survival of the mightiest wealth,
    rather than revolutionary health as cooperative thrival
    of our self-optimizing EarthBalanced PostMillennial ReGeneration.

    Springing strong-rooted sense of cooperative humor,
    co-arising nondually throughout each love-filled feisty day and embracing night
    of generation’s future
    living toward climatic religioning conscientific balance
    of Tao’s bilateral bicameral Time,
    in which incarnation explicates restraint on Ego’s imagined freedoms
    of ownership and power
    as disincarnation implicates freedom of Earth’s diastatic,
    nutritiously universal EcoConsciousness
    of co-arising, co-present light
    revolving day into dualdark night
    of Queen Shabbat
    as GrandMother Moon’s warm polycultural light.

    It is this dream of death
    inviting future’s incarnate life,
    regenerating Earth’s Tribal Balance,
    that understories each moment’s daytime active life,
    backdrop aria
    bookending love’s grand climatic opera;
    ReGeneration Story.

    What our global political and economic climate could most invest,
    in this PostMillennial Moment,
    is integral religious sense of Allah’s zen-scientific humor,
    and lack of terrifying death-as-emptiness,
    rather than diastatic fullness, intent.

    May truth in each repose
    bring eternally diastatic cooperative bliss,
    evolving rich nutrition
    for future smiling contented
    political and economic peace
    with justice for this replete Universal PolyCulture,
    EarthTribal ReGenerations,
    Internal as External (0)Soul ReIncarnations of Time’s Eternal Light;
    Active Love
    CoOperative DiPolar CoArising Networks
    of DualDark DiaStatic Potentiality
    (O)Virginal WinWin EcoLogical Integrity’s Intent.
  • commented 2016-04-20 10:28:05 -0400
    Climate Activist Spring 2016

    Like the limb of the flowering crab apple breaks
    under the weight of late winter snow, my grief
    over what my species is doing to the climate
    breaks me. Open and vulnerable to the backlash
    by the status quo to the woefully inadequate Paris Agreement,
    my own hubris has been pruned as I await another
    burst of spring’s hope. While purple carpets of violets lay
    buried beneath snow, red and yellow tulip heads are already
    resurrecting and things with feathers seem to be here to stay.
    Rev. Gail Collins-Ranadive,
    author of Nature’s Calling, the Grace of Place
  • commented 2016-04-20 08:53:11 -0400
    Poem about Star Island and their Solar Array, by Kate Leigh, Portsmouth Poet Laureate

    New Star

    New day, new season, new Star, new start
    A time for celebration is here!
    All eyes on an island lost to time yet
    Protected, improved, held dear.

    New solar panels embrace sun’s rays,
    Share energy, power up this place.
    As we lessen footprints of fossil fuels
    We forge a deep friendship with space.

    A balanced fragment of universe,
    Long recognized as spirit’s true home,
    Continue to bless our island unique
    As step by step we upgrade and move on.

    We celebrate a fine long stewardship
    And promise to continue in kind;
    Our love for this rock is what matters most,
    Connecting our earth to the divine.
    Kate Leigh
  • commented 2016-04-19 19:25:46 -0400
    Dakota Access

    A pipeline company from Texas
    Uses money to bully and threaten us.
    Eminent Domain
    For their private gain
    Brings climate change they won’t discuss.
  • commented 2016-04-19 16:47:11 -0400
    Climate Haikus

    By Daniel Rigney
    Emerson UU Church, Houston

    If the heat rises
    inside the greenhouse, don’t blame
    the thermometer.

    In Texas, the laws
    are commodities, to be
    bought and sold freely.

    The laws of nature
    Are utterly indifferent
    to climate haikus.

    Forest Greene Magazine (personal ecoblog)
  • commented 2016-04-19 12:37:54 -0400
    Here’s a second verse for “Step by Step” (#157 in Singing the Living Tradition) that I wrote for an interfaith climate “revival” here in Vermont last fall…Rev. Barnaby Feder, Champlain Valley UU Society, Middlebury, Vt.
    Step by Step – second verse

    Step by step, heart by heart
    It can be done, can be done
    Joyful giving on our part;
    The Web respun, Web respun;
    Guided by a grace not earned,
    To our sacred task returned
    Redeeming Love your call’s discerned,
    Life is One, Life is One.

    (Some alternative penultimate lines for those who prefer different theological language:
    Redeeming God, your call’s discerned,…
    Adonai, thy call’s discerned…
    Praise Allah, thy call’s discerned )
  • commented 2016-04-19 12:13:34 -0400
    Climatic Parable

    Once within our time,
    SkyPrince and SunGod talk,
    as usual,
    endlessly actually,
    sending their radiant messages
    out toward mutually gravitating receivers,
    no Yins allowed.
    SkyPrince wonders if SunGod might consider turning down his heat,
    and wanders aloud as Sun burns enlightening minds,
    “I’m worried about EarthGoddess,
    she seems wilting
    and actually melting on her polar caps.”

    SunGod wishes this were funny,
    or wrong,
    just a mistake somehow,
    maybe her time of this post-millennial period.
    “Business As Usual,” echoes SunGod.
    “My fire burns her waters into that amazing green-blue skin of hers.
    Climate change pathology evolves like wind through your air-brained
    SkyPrince head.
    Business As Usual!”

    WaterPrincess keeps her primally balancing distance
    from SunGod’s overheating reign.
    very still,
    too still,
    she melts within EarthGoddess.
    And, with her Earth’s diverse species
    until EarthGoddess’ soil becomes dry as dust.
    Her cooperative economic and ecological soul
    unravels dishumanic culture,
    preparing for her transmutation
    into Yin’s cold hibernating cave
    of deep echo-logical nightmares,
    galloping full horsepowered,
    feverishly racing racism,
    to prove we are chickens in our own messy soup
    melting together and flying apart.
    WaterPrincess weeps and seeps down in to Earth’s Core
    overheating compost’s ecotherapeutic heart.

    SunGod notices WaterPrincess,
    too frequently absent from his divine comedy.
    “She fails to feel my good humored rays
    of wise warm radiance.
    This feels more feminist Left than justly Righteous”
    glooms SunGod’s manic calculating ways.
    He glimpses dissonant doubt
    where his regenerative organisms had been cooperative virgins
    to competing procreation,
    much less mutually minimizing economics,
    or crystal mirror echoes of ecologic myth and language.
    SunGod weeps and wilts his PrincessWater.

    Earth Goddess succumbs toward SunGod’s redeeming shaded fears.
    Her revolutionary octaves fill with pregnant repurpose
    and rehabilitating permacultural designs of herstoric culture.
    Her justice joys his peaceful recommitment
    toward balancing polycultural praxis.
    Extensive family ecotherapy wins our enculturing history.

    YangGod kisses EarthYinGoddess
    as Left deductive embraces Right inductive primal balance
    as human nature competes to cooperatively regenerate
    what nature co-arisingly incarnates
    to sing full octaved Earth Day Opera,
    remembering future tales of SunLeft induces EarthRights,
    Earth resolves Sun’s pay-ray-forward gifts,
    reading left to right rooted Informating Tree leaves
    happily ever after now and here.

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