BREAK FREE! Global Wave of Direct Action to Keep It In the Ground


Picture by Eamon Ryan - Cliff of Moher, Ireland


A global wave of non-violent direct action to demand that oil, gas and coal be kept in the ground has begun. On May 3rd, over 300 activists occupied the largest open cast coal mine in the United Kingdom for 12 hours, and no arrests were made! Many activists in the Break Free movement are contending that they are not law-breakers, but in fact, law-enforcers of the Public Trust Doctrine -- ensuring a livable planet for future generations.


Mass actions are taking place in:

Anacortes, WA

Albany, NY

Chicago area (Whiting, IN)

Denver area (Lakewood, CO)

Los Angeles, CA

Washington, DC


Break Free organizers have also created a system that notifies you when actions first occur and how to follow them online so that you can be a “digital witness” to events as they are taking place across the globe.


Are you planning on being at an upcoming Break Free event? Commit2Respond would love to hear about it, and will be making a follow-up blog post about the various ways and places that Unitarian Universalists are taking action as a part of this mass movement. Please send us pictures and commentary, to or post them on our Facebook wall.

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  • commented 2016-05-07 19:47:06 -0400
    I will be at the Pacific NW action in Anacortes, WA, working with the team coordinating the arts and music response to the actions, including the Peoples Climate Conference, the Indigenous Day of Action, and the non-violent civil disobedience action.

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