Advance Human Rights

Advancing the human rights of frontlines communities is a moral imperative

As people of faith and conscience, we have a responsibility to defend our home and care for each other, working in solidarity with those most impacted by environmental destruction and climate crisis.

We envision 
a future where those who disproportionately bear the burdens of climate change are leaders in the search for solutions, and their rights and needs are the bedrock of our collective climate justice work.

We commit
to partnering with, following the leadership of, and taking action to support frontlines communities.

Take action!

In conjunction with World Water Day (March 22), we are taking action to demand that the Environmental Protection Agency address the Flint, MI, water crisis and incorporate water justice into national and state-level Climate Action Plans.

Sign the petition now.

Commit2Respond leader Aly Tharp writes: "I pray that we can reflect back on this day, one year from now, and find that our efforts have moved us into a more loving and liberated world. One where the Gulf of Mexico and shores of Alaska are not destined to be sacrifice zones to a carcinogenic way of life. One where there aren’t thousands of communities in the USA with contaminated drinking water supplies, and the EPA does not send internal memos saying 'Flint was not worth going out on a limb for.' Flint, MI, is a predominately black, predominantly poor city. In a world built with justice, equity, and compassion in human relations—a world that recognizes that Black Lives Matter—such a memo could never exist" (read more).

Get inspired

The Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship of Bellingham, Washington, formed a partnership with a frontlines Indigenous nation: read the whole story

Unitarian Universalists witnessed, raised funds, and organized to support Lummi Nation's 2015 Totem Pole Journey: read the whole story

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