Commit2Respond is an action network focused on connecting and mobilizing Unitarian Universalists for the work of environmental justice.

Unitarian Universalists have been active in environmental efforts for decades. Commit2Respond is a hub to connect these efforts within and beyond Unitarian Universalist and maximize our collective impact.

Who is Commit2Respond?

You are Commit2Respond!

If you believe that a better world is possible and that we are called to help bring it into being, join us!

We are individuals, families, groups, congregations, and organizations across North America and beyond. We are Unitarian Universalists, people of other faiths, and people of no faith. We are people of all ages, races, genders, abilities, sexual orientations, and backgrounds.

Commit2Respond's leadership is provided by Unitarian Universalist and allied groups from all over. You can sign your group or organization up here.

How are we taking action?

The thousands of members of Commit2Respond are taking action in hundreds of ways, from direct action to service projects to reflection and education.

Commit2Respond is grounded in environmental justice, meaning we believe in following the leadership of front lines communities—including Native peoples, island peoples, people of color, and poor and low-income peoples.

We work to support partnership, solidarity, and community-based solutions that challenge the status quo and the power structures and values that are destroying our world.

Why are we taking action?

Unitarian Universalists see ourselves as one thread in a single fabric of all existence. We embrace nature’s beauty and are in awe of its power. We have a responsibility to care for our home and stand in solidarity with those most affected by pollution, environmental destruction, increasingly severe natural disasters, and other impacts of climate change.

We call on our decades-long history of environmental action and embrace everyone who will join us in speaking with an urgent and collective voice. So regardless of who you are and how you feel about “church,” if the words above resonate with you, you belong here.

What can you do right now?

Join us.

Tell your friends.

Get inspired by the latest news and stories of what people like you are doing.

Take action!

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