The World is Hurting.

How Will You Respond?

We are facing a climate crisis. Climate change is already causing suffering for peoples around the world every day. Recognizing the interdependence of all life, we are called as people of faith and conscience to heal and sustain the planet we call home.

Together We Can

We Believe

We are diverse in spiritual belief, yet united in faith that a better world is possible and that our collective power can create change.

We Commit

We commit to join together to SHIFT to a low carbon future, ADVANCE the human rights of affected communities, and GROW the climate justice movement.

We Act

People of faith have been on the frontlines of environmental justice for decades. United in collective action, connected through partnership, we change the world.

Join Us


Unitarian Universalists "Break Free" In Unprecedented Global Wave of Direct Action

May 21, 2016

An unprecedented wave of public protests and civil disobedience for climate justice has taken place this month! More than 30,000 people worldwide took bold, direct actions to call for a transition to 100% renewable energy and a "Break Free" from fossil fuels!

Unitarian Universalist faith communities and activists played a part in many places. Check it out:

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UU Fellowship of Corvallis Boosts Community Solar Power Access with Local Re-Investment

May 12, 2016

Imagine this: Climate activists, fully grasping the enormity of the climate crisis, urge their church to take bold financial actions to help ameliorate it. Now add Board members committed to protecting their church legally and financially. What might happen? An adversarial situation, leading to hard feelings? Or a focus on right relations and working together for ethical use of financial resources, in accordance with UU principles? For the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis, Oregon (UUFC), in our climate justice work, there is sometimes a bit of the first before we achieve the latter. I’m always grateful and delighted when the conflict is respectful, right relations hold strong, and our projects turn out well. It’s never simple!

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